TQ Communicator Pro Ver. 1.0 Released

December 17, 2016

TQ for iPad

TQ Communicator Pro is TQ Communicator designed for the iPad.

While keeping the all TQ Communicator function, you can display map and messages at the same time on the larger screen of the iPad, and you can comfortably communicate even when there are many members.

TQ Communicator Pro strongly supports your office and team tasks as well as private communication.

What's TQ ?

TQ Communicator Pro is the message sharing App using iCloud.

If you have iCloud account, you can use this App immediately. Additional account registration is not required. And you do not need to inform your important e-mail address or account name to others.


  • Messages are managed by a chat room called the Session.
  • A session can be created by anyone. (To those who want to join to the Session, let's inform the Password and Session Code.)
  • More than two members are able to join a session.
  • You can map the location information of the members. (The member's permission requires.)